My Swing Progress

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*UPDATE* - 06/06/13

After having my first lesson I discovered that my balance was mainly on my toes, this was resulting in my head moving rather than staying in the same place. My leg flex was also incorrect and I was keeping my right leg straight when coiling rather than having my knee bent.

My ball flight has been much better since sorting these and I'm definitely not slicing it anywhere near as much as I was before.

Swing after 1 month/No Lessons -

Unfortunately on this swing, I managed to hit the ground too much and didn't have any more balls to film another. My grip has recently been changed to Neutral Interlocked (or at least I think it is) from being Strong Baseball. I have also changed my swing, so that instead of thrashing my arms back and down again, I am attempting to shift my weight using my hips and keep my left arm straight through the backswing.

Any critique is definitely welcomed as it will only help me to improve.